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Just to be clear, this post does not necessarily have to refer to a ‘happily ever after’-person. The following five points also indicates what I most appreciate and find intriguing in a person who touches my heart.

  1. Have sense of humor

    … that does not only reduce itself to teasing other people. My Dad has the silliest sense of humor – for those who know me, you know what I’m talking about. A laugh always gets me by and therefore I enjoy being around people who can make me laugh and mostly, who I can be silly with. Make me laugh!!!

  2. Know your facts. Smarts.

    A good discussion about a topic always leaves me in awe. I enjoy learning from others and through this exchange of brains, I guess it’s the best way to learn new things and get more perspective on things in which I had my mind set already. But it doesn’t only have to be about discussing things. I also enjoy hearing lots of stories, facts and life experiences. To be honest, I’m very biased when it comes to people with a great education because my attention shifts a lot faster regarding that topic. But not only intellectual facts – I’m a sucker for pop culture. So you can get a conversation with me going if you start talking about the latest movies, music or celebrity gossip.

  3. Family over everything. 

    My family is my life – literally. They are the people that formed me to the person I am now. So, of course, I appreciate people who are all about their families. That’s where loyalty is learnt and practised. I appreciate people who encourage others to be more family orientated and who themselves are very close to their parents and siblings because that shows me that later in life, you’re able to be a great father or mother that leads on a new generation into the right direction.

  4. Being down to Earth.

    That’s something you just feel and see in a person. In the way they talk and in the way they perceive things. I think that’s the easiest way you can capture me. People who don’t fuss about the hype, about material things or living up to the world’s standards. I appreciate the simplicity in people. The way they know that it’s not all about them but all about Him. The way they put others before themselves because they only want the best for them.

  5. Have a Passion.

    A trait that I don’t seem to find enough in people anymore. A trait that is so important in a world where people just seem to be doing what others are doing just to fit the mould. Want to get my attention? Then tell me about your passion in life. You’ve got no passion? Then go out and look for one. I believe that every person has a passion. I don’t care if your passion is something that people might find silly. If your passion is coffee or food, so be it. Let me know more about it. Inspire me!

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more next Sunday :) d.f.t.s., Ezzy


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