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Picture Credit: Fire-Sky-iphone-5-wallpaper-ilikewallpaper_com.jpg

This is quite a tough one, since there’s a lot of things that I feel strongly about. But thinking about what’s been going on in the world lately, I can tell you that I feel strongly about my faith.

It has gotten me through a lot of rough patches, seemingly hopeless situations and has also lifted me from the ground when it was all that I could see. And I can say that it has made me who I am now. It’s not only about living a life in prayer, with the church and everything around it but it has also a lot to do with how you live your life because every aspect of it starts to get more meaning and more purpose. When life gets me down, I try my best not to dwell on the negative things but to move on and make the best out of every situation. When unexpected things happen that I cannot rationally explain to myself, my faith helps me to trust and hope for a clear reason behind the circumstances at the right time. The values that I strive to go by did not only come from past family traditions but most of all from what the church has taught my ancestors. It gives me a somewhat peaceful feeling that faith is something that can be passed on. It’s become something indispensable in my life because I do cling my life onto it.

I can still remember how a history teacher of mine asked my class what we would do if someone would find out that the Bible is just a book of nonesense. Firstly, I thought to myself how rude of him to put that aspect in question when he knows that there are people in class who are believers. Secondly, I thought to myself that just can’t be the case. And thirdly, I did answer that question in my head, in my mind. If ever someone would come up with findings that the Bible is just plain nonesense, I know my faith would not be shaken anyhow. Why? Because my faith and the teachings I’ve been allowed to get has never harmed me, but most importantly it has enriched me. It has enriched my way of thinking, my way with dealing with certain situations and it has enriched the way I live. More over it has taught me how to relate to people, have compassion for the weak and also how to love. Why should one be discouraged by something that has only been good to oneself?

My faith has planted such a huge tree in my heart that it has made me want to share it with the people I meet. Of course, it is a risky topic because not everyone will understand, but I do it anyways. It’s something that one has to encounter and feel before understanding it. Once you have it, it won’t let go and will flourish great blessings within you.

Therefore it is something I strongly feel about. It is something that I would fight for and keep living for. It is something I want to pass on to the next generations because I want them to be fearless warriors, people with values and a generation of peace.

Have you ever thought about something that you feel strongly about? I encourage you to do so. It might open up new passions within you.




d.f.t.s., Ezzy 


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