30 day challenge, ezzy


This is a hard one, considering the fact I just have too many favourite television programs. But let me tell you this, I am a sucker for Reality TV. Always have since the MTV Diary-Series or has it been it ever since ‘Making The Band’? Well, never mind, just know that I like me some Kourtney, Kim and Khloe as well!

I don’t know if you can relate but like the old Reality Shows that showed on MTV back then were abso-freaking-lutely the real deal! So entertaining and addictive. I think I spent most of my loner teenage years in my room watching those type of programs. Of course, I also loved me some ‘Full House’ or ‘Fresh Prince’ but as soon as they found their ending, I compensated them with ‘Making the Band’ – O-Town Edition AND, not to forget, Diddy’s ‘Making the Band’. Gash, so much drama and that in every season. Remember when Mysterious lost her mind because she didn’t get in Da Band? That was some crazy situation. Or that time when Ikaika left O-Town because he was all crybaby? Those were the days – no pun intended – literally, where Ashley Angel was still the love of my life.

As soon as I started everything all other great shows came rolling in and there I was obsessing over ‘Laguna Beach’ and ‘The Hills’. OMG. Up to this day, I wouldn’t think of saying no to a marathon of either shows. I think these two shows had the biggest impact in my teenage years. I wanted to be part of their cool clique just hanging at the beach. I remember how I envied them so much for just getting in the car and driving down to the beach or just over to their friends’ house. Besides that, Laguna Beach was nothing without Stephen. Good Lord, that guy. I majorly majorly crushed on him! And then the show ended and another show started. The Hills.

Girls, you NEED to see ‘The Hills’. You will learn a lot about friendships and about how you should listen to your best friend when she calls your boyfriend ‘a shady person’ or a ‘sucky person’. Moreover, you will learn about the consequences for choosing a douchebag of a guy over your best friend. Or, about how you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to go to Paris for your career!!!! Biggest dumbslap ever, LC. It’s okay though, you learn from your mistakes. Gash, too many life lessons in just one show. As you can tell, I could talk for hours about this show, but I’ll better stop right here and let these speak for themselves:


Thanks for reading and following me along the challenges.

d.f.t.s., Ezzy


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