Another season of Lent arrived and I figured that I’ve pretty much always published a post about this particular season over the past few years.

Just the other day a good friend of mine commented that, it’s pretty unconventional for a group of friends to talk about what they will be giving up for lent. It’s not something normal for everyone, I get it. But sometimes even #jesusfreaks like me, get thrown off of the thought needing to fast something. There’s not much purpose to just get in the bandwagon and do all the things your friends do. Sometimes not everything they do, automatically and magically works on you. So, just don’t fast – easy!

Ha, got you there! I’m totally kidding and that was just my sarcasm working in the words. MY MAIN POINT IS, the Lent season gives you the opportunity to really look into yourself and actively work on the things that in your opinion is not glorifying the Lord. Of course, a lot of people use this season as an excuse to lose some weight or try to make an endurance competition out of it. But that’s not the main point.

It’s the opportunity to get away from the noise of the world and focus on what matters most. It matters that you are willing to give up anything that keeps you away from the relationship to the Lord and it matters that you are willing to work on it to make it stronger. It’s not about the long list of things you are fasting. It’s not about how hard you are struggling with it. It is all about the challenge during lent that makes you stronger and wiser. It is about the improvement of your spirituality that you see after the next 40 days. Even though we give something up, let’s just remember for what we do this. Let’s just remember that the goal is not about doing without chocolate for 40 days, but that we have encountered Christ more intensely, so we can celebrate Easter with our hearts fully opened.

d.f.t.s, Ezzy


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