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Today, I must admit, was quite a tough day. Well, not only today, but ever since the start of the week, I’ve found myself struggling with my time management and also a bit with my energy reserves. It’s gotten me quite frustrated and angry as well, because the will is there, yet the circumstances don’t allow you to do more than you want to. But also, the pressure and the fear is growing every day, which at this point just makes me want to turn back time and start over again. Whenever I’m stuck in my room studying or doing some things for Uni, my mind wanders. Even today, I wasn’t spared with negative thoughts. My mind constantly makes turns around my schedule, the things I have yet to do and also the rendezvous with the people I haven’t seen in ages. And all I can think of is ‘maybe this is too much’?

I often think about the people who are awesome in what they do, awesome in their time-managment and awesome in their confidence. It makes me think a lot about ‘why can’t I manage?’ Today’s just one of those days where my confidence hits a low-point and I don’t know how to deal with things. Like, I don’t want to have an Advent full of worries and bad moods. I guess, days like these are just inevitable, but yes, I need to pick myself up and cheer myself up, somehow. But what is God telling me? I know that I have to trust and rely on Him and that this workload and sacrifices are my crosses to carry until summer/fall, so what’s still missing on my part?

I have to apologise about this whiney post, but sometimes homegirl has to vent :P. I’d be glad for some advice, responses etc. from your side :) Thank you for bearing with me. Please, continue keeping me in your prayers.

Yours candidly, Ezzy



  1. There is a time for everything (Ecc 3:1). If you have this feeling, it might mean that your body is telling you to slow down a little bit. You only have one heart – listen to it. :) It isnt a bad thing to cut down on activities – it doesn’t mean you are incapable of doing more activities. It simply means you are being more responsible with yourself, with your task and with everyone around you. You will eventually be able to do them all again.

    Also- don’t be insecure by the “excellent time mamagement” of others. They too have cut down on activities and meeting with people to achieve whatever they wanted to attain. And they went through the same thing as you. So don’t worry :)

    I hope the following tip is going to help you:

    You might want to apply the Eisenhower principle and distinguish activities between:
    – Important and urgent: University, clearly. Nobody is going to get this University degree for you, you have to attain it yourself. And Church of course. :)
    – Not important but urgent: Your home. You need to reserve time for it as well, help out where you can (which I think you are doing anyway…). It is amazing how good I feel after cleaning up my messy room. :p
    – Important but not urgent: I know how much of a loving person you are and that you give importance to your loved ones. But don’t forget that your friends, if they are your friends, will always be around, waiting for you, because you are busy. They need to understand your situation and will simply have to wait. And they will agree with me here.
    – Not important and not urgent: Social Media can suck of life and time out of you. You could cut down your time on Facebook (major), and install the FB messenger instead – at least you would still be available. Youtube, when watching sorts of tutorials, is extremely time consuming. Also avoid TV and Netflix.

    (As for community work – it entirely depends on you if you see the community tasks as more or less important or urgent. I would consider it urgent but not important.)

    These are just examples – I assume you are doing your best already. I think the last three types of activities can be delegated, really use the maximum of time for the things that have to be done exclusively by you).

    You will be doing great. This down phase too will pass :).

  2. Hey my dear. If you feel very pressured don’t forget to accept this feeling.

    First and foremost don’t worry: There is no need to compare “your poor time management” to others. Others might not always show, but they too struggle with balancing everything out during life. Some might have even cut down their list of activities to the absolute minimum to get done with the most important and yet time consuming work.

    Prioritize: The Eisenhower principles categorizes activities according to the extent of their importance and urgency.
    1) Important and urgent: These are activities that are of high priority and can exclusively be done by you. Attaining a university degree and conducting a duty at is one of them.
    2) Important but not urgent: Those activities might not need to be done ASAP, but they are nonetheless of high relevance. You might need to delegate this task to someone else to get it done. I suggest that community work falls into this category.
    As for seeing friends: I understand that you are a loving person and that you are trying to be a good friend, your friends will simply have to understand that you are busy. And if they are good friends, they will, even if it takes them to not see you for a couple of months and even years. They will understand what you need to put first.
    3) Not important but still urgent: It might not be the end of the world if you don’t get to fold your clothes today, but there are some tasks at home that should not be left undone for more than a few hours.
    4) Not important and not urgent: These are things like watching TV or Youtube, or scrolling through the feed of Facebook (I don’t mind Twitter though). If you still want to be available to your FB friends but don’t want to log on to Facebook all the time, you might download the Facebook Messenger app. You might want to cut out unnecessary Whatsapp groups, etc.

    Here is what you can do:
    – Do them – right now. Because you will never get the seconds and hours back to fulfill your duty. This concerns the first category of activities.
    – Cut out activities: Yes, your body might try to tell you that things are too much. Cutting down on activities doesn’t always mean you are giving up. You are simply acting responsibly. If there are some tasks that were given to you but are not related to work or to studies, you don’t have to do them, at least right now.
    – Delegate: In case you can’t move the deadlines for this task, have someone else to perform it for you. Activities from the second and the third category can be delegated.

    I hope this helps. Don’t be distressed – right now we are getting closer to the Winter Holidays. Things might not work out well right now, but we will see what 2016 has in store for you. =)

    All the best, God bless, love you =)

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