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Hey you,

some have been there, some are on their good way to it: going on mission. Since February is the infamous mission month amongst us mission volunteers, I just wanted to share with you what I pack for every mission I go to. Yes, over the months, I have accumulated must-haves and therefore want to introduce you to my ‘Mission-Kit’. Let’s jump right in. png-bild-portable-network-graphics-10b4939e0673-1

  1.  Diesel Laptop Case + Mac Book Pro 13′: Sometimes I have to finish some PPTs and have to bring my laptop along. Although, I must say, I do prefer not to bring it most especially when I travel light, reason being, airlines nowadays only let you bring a cabin bag for free, which is a-nnoying!
  2. Daily Gospel 2017: I like to start my days reading the Word and since this little booklet comes in handy, I like to bring it with me.
  3. Holy Bible: What is a missionary without a Bible? Of course this book is THE mandatory essential to bring along.
  4. Mission Kit: Here I accumulated all the bits and bobs I would need during a mission. It hasn’t let me down ever since I’ve been going around Europe.


Here’s the full list (left to right):

  • MONKI Zip Case Pizza Print
  • STICK & MEMO Sticky Notes
  • TIGER Plain squared notes
  • Barbie Ruler (don’t judge ^^’)
  • Coincidentally mostly from SCHNEIDER: ball pen, purple Slider Edge XB, black permanent marker and STAEDTLER pink tripulus fineliner
  • PMX External Harddrive
  • OBI orange USB-Stick
  • Apple HDMI Adaptor
  • LOGITECH Wireless Presenter R400 (my best friend for talks)
  • Pink Rosary Pouch
  • Rosary and Rosary Guide
  • Holy Water
  • MOLESKINE Reporter Notebook

What are your mission essentials? Please let me know by commenting in the comments below – who knows? I might add a few bits and bobs as well!

Thank you for reading :)

Yours candidly,


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