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Hey, you!

Lenten season has officially begun and I am pretty excited about it. This season most especially encourages us to step up in our spiritual life and I’m very curious what the Lord’s plan is for me during this season. So, I have already contemplated about what various things I could fast and since sometimes it is hard to find what to give up for Lent, let me just put this question out there:

“Is there something that I can give up to make more room for God?”

When we think about it, I guess deep down we know what we should rid of for the next 40 days and I truly encourage you to do so. Since for some it’s not an easy task to fast something, I’ve used #thelivingperson idea and made it into this guideline.


Over the past days the Lord has really disturbed me and I already have a feeling as to why. There’s been a lot of things that I’ve been thinking about lately, which really push me to discern about. There’s also been a great amount of reminders that keep me on the loop about my goals and wishes. So, I guess the Lord is truly calling me back to Him and to empty myself so He can fill me up with His love. It’s a beautiful thing to know, that His mercy abounds and that He’s always there for you.

I hope this was of help and I wish you a spirit-filled Lent.

Yours candidly,


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