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Well it’s been a minute since I’ve published something, so I’ve decided to start a monthly favorite on my blog to share with you. I have always found it fascinating how the Youtubers present their favorites, hence, I thought why not jump on the bandwagon and share with you why I’ve been raving about these things on here.

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As you can see I have listed up a few things under different categories. I guess these categories will vary throughout the months because I might add new ones or leave out some.

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Exclusively on my blog, I will elaborate on my top three favourite things every month. For last month, March, I want to particularly point out on the TV-Show ‘This is Us’. The internet has been blowing up and raving about this TV-Show and I cannot agree and follow the hype even more. It has been quite a while since television brought something out such as ‘This is Us’. The main reason why I love this show is, the depth of the storyline as well as the characters. The writers have really created something beautiful and wonderful which, in my opinion, has become something rather seldom. I’m overjoyed that especially the writers bring back and portray family values, the reality of marriage as a vocation and also just the hardship of life. While the internet talks about how the TV-Show always (!) makes the viewers reach to their tissue boxes – including me – I am also very glad that it points out real life lessons and comes out with inspiring messages after every episode. The last TV-Show that made me feel like this was One Tree Hill and that just points out that it has been a while for TV of that sort.

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As you can see on my list, I have literally watched both of the recent films that Andrew Garfield starred in. He makes my favorite person of the month because he is just amazing and super inspiring. Ever since I have watched his interview on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, I have very much been inspired by his personality. I know that you cannot make an accurate judgement about a person through the screen but boy, his view on faith and spirituality has really made me appreciate him more than ever as an artist. The Holy Spirit was truly working in him throughout his preparation for the Scorsese’s movie ‘Silence’ and the proof of that must have been his interviews. In his interviews he always mentions how this preparation changed his life and you can really see that through this passion and appreciation that comes out of him during interviews. Besides that, I found that his performance as an actor has really stepped up over the years.

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The last thing on my favorites list, which I’d like to elaborate on is Ed Sheeran’s ‘Divide’. Every single time he brings an album out, I am just in utter awe and amazement. That guy has a way with words that not every singer/songwriter has. The way he just tells a story with his lyrics comes off so effortlessly. Apart from that I find the variety of music on his album such a level up. How does he manage to actually write three love songs that forever will have a place in my playlist? I think a lot of people love him not only because his music is amazing but he also seems to be such a down to earth person who really loves his family and his life on the country side. The geek in me really appreciated the elaborative description and development of his album during his interview with Zane Lowe and I highly suggest you check it out as well.

I hope you didn’t get bored reading about my faves this month. Please let me know if you want more of such posts by simply clicking the like button below.

I’ll catch you soon.

Yours candidly,


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