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For the people who know me, I have always had an admiration for Wonder Woman, yet over the years I have come to realise that what I saw in her and what I saw in the hype of the Third Wave Feminism, I became a little more sceptic and careful about how much I wanted to let it influence my views on womanhood. Therefore, I also had my doubts whether the movie would be any good, because firstly, it’s a DC-Movie and the last few ones were a disappointment (Sorry Ben, but Christian Bale will forever be my favorite Batman), secondly, Wonder Woman blew up the whole Feminism topic again and lastly, I wasn’t sure if the plot would be any good at all. PTL, all my assumptions proved me wrong. Read on to find out why!

wonder woman

Redirecting the Third Wave Feminism

From my own point of view, I assumed Wonder Woman to be another female superhero that has to prove herself to her male peers. I thought that she would have to stand up to them to make them believe that she’s got it. Also, believed that her toughness had to be on the same level as her male counterparts’. All in all, I assumed that the whole message of the movie would be a forced push to equality, the emphasis that women can be like men and that women had to outdo men in general. Having visited a course on Feminism, I do agree with parts of the political movement, however, I’m not very fond of Pseudo-Feminism and people’s urges to throw it in each other’s face all the time, keyword: Social Media. 

Much to my surprise none of that was evident in the movie. Wonder Woman represented true womanhood by simply being a woman – by simply working with her womanhood with other men. There has not been one incident that I can recall and was sensitive to that forced the feminist out of her or the plot.

The Femininity of Wonder Woman

Before this post turns into a s*tstorm about the views I have, let me take a step back and remind you what this post is all about. Since I am such a geek with facts and background info, the first thing I researched after having watched the movie was “who wrote the story/screenplay that portrayed women so well?” To my surprise it was written by males (Andy Heisenberg, Zack Snyder, etc.) and then chiselled by Patty Jenkins, the director of the movie. After finding out, I felt so much gratitude and hope that there are men out there who still believe in that type of femininity. Then my mind jumped to the appreciation of their great team work – among men and women. So, yes, both sexes CAN work together to produce something greater!

Now to the specific points that I noticed watching the movie and that have me fallen in love with it:

Mentorship is key!

In the movie her aunt, Antiope,  was the first person who saw the potential in her drive, willingness and purpose. She taught her to fight and was also the first who believed in her. I teared up a little when Antiope encouraged her by saying “you are stronger than this, you can do better than this.” While watching that scene, all I could think of was how amazing it is, that it only takes one person that believes in you and supports you, for you to become the best version of yourself and more. My mind automatically screamed ‘mentorship, mentorship, sisterhood, sisterhood’ and made me realise that being a mentor and a mentee is a blessing.

Empathy and sensitivity

Being empathetic has always been a naturally stronger trait among females. In the movie Wonder Woman could not simply walk past a crying baby or innocent women who were stuck in the trenches with soldiers. She made their suffering her purpose to stop all evil. Her mission was purposefully goal oriented. What struck me most though, was that she also empathised with her fellow comrade, a traumatised ex-sniper who couldn’t shoot anymore, and still found a way to encourage him and make him feel valuable. Her empathy and her sensitivity to people’s needs, that made her Wonder Woman.

Unity in diversity

Yes, she had to follow Steve Trevor, her partner in crime, and yes, she had to trust him even though he wasn’t very honest with his intentions at first. However, that is the point. She didn’t belittle him due to his goals and intentions. She let him do his part so she could do hers. There has hardly ever been a time when they didn’t act as a team and didn’t blindly trust each other. Because at the end of the day, they shared the same goals and were willing to reach them as a team. Towards the middle part of the movie, in the first big battle, she might have come across as the leader of the pack, but she wasn’t. She was as much of a team player than the rest of them. Also, what I liked about their constellation as a group was, that she was put together with a smuggler, a murderer and a liar, and at the end of the day, everybody showed loyalty by doing their job.


At the beginning of the movie, you could see how her character developed and how much she learned from her surrounding. As a little girl, she already knew that her purpose was to protect and to fight for love. She trained so she could help others and not help herself. She knew that her capabilities should be of use for others. Wonder Woman carried this humility and this attitude towards others throughout the whole movie. She fought for what was right and good for the sake of others and not for her own glory. It was never about her, but it was always about the greater good. Even though there were times where her pride got the best of her, you could still clearly see, that her main goal was to defeat evil and to save the innocent.

Love and peace

The last quarter of the movie had gotten me pretty emotional because the message of Wonder Woman’s purpose and drive was so clear: love. Yes, all superheroes want the good in the world and cast out the evil, but what sets her apart among everyone was that she was a true believer of love and peace. Although I do not want to draw any comparison to our Mama Mary, I’d just like to point out that the whole humanity, regardless of what religious background, strives for the same thing – love and peace.


Picture source: Picture source: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Wonder-Woman-Gal-Gadot-641910343

As women, don’t these traits and these goal seem familiar? Aren’t they the things we strive for too? Yes, Wonder Woman was a tough as the other superheroes we know, and yes, she’s a total badass and yes, she could’ve done everything men could. However, what I appreciated the most about her character and the development of it, was, that she strived for the good regardless her sex and regardless what everyone else projected on her. The toughness that she showed came from pure femininity that she used to compliment her male counterparts. Her sensitivity and empathy made her more human than superheroine. Her humility and her acceptance of diversity just brought her farther because she knew she needed the help and support, and so did they.

My conclusion to the movie is simply stated: amazing, hopeful and relateable. I highly suggest you to go see that movie with your siblings, cousins or better yet, everyone. Let the younger generation see a great example of how pure femininity and masculinity can work together to create something greater.

Thank You so much Zack Snyder, Andy Heisenberg, Patty Jenkins & Co. for writing and producing this great movie that truly shows that every part, regardless of their background, sex or personality, creates a bigger sum. Thank You for presenting both women and men in an uplifting light, for us to see that it’s not about the other one, but about everyone – we need each other.

Thank You guys for reading.

Yours candidly,




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