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Whoever follows me on my Instagram knows that I enjoy listening to Podcasts. I always listen to them through the Podcast App on my iPhone. However, it should also work over your iTunes-Player since they come through there. Other than reading books, Podcasts have been very fulfilling in the sense of fuelling my intellect and understanding of certain topics. When I listen to interviews, I draw inspiration from other people’s experiences, getting to know their story and their way of life. Also, I tend to look for spiritual nourishment through the Podcasts and Channels that I follow. So here, I’d like to share some of my favorite all-free Podcast channels with you:



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In anticipation of the release of the second season next Tuesday, I figured I would write about this surprisingly amazing NBC TV-Show ‘This Is Us’. For the most part, I have been enjoying a lot of different storylines and clever plot twists but the inner storytelling-geek within me couldn’t help but be touched by this TV Show.

As a short introduction, ‘This Is Us’ is about four people who share the same birthday and happen to be in the same family. Their lives are told going back and forth in time with flashbacks of their childhood and the period of growing up. This tearjerker of a TV show has become critically acclaimed and became a favourite to a lot of people.

Down below you will find my personal reasons of why to follow this TV show. 


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Hey you,

so I’ve been currently noticing these 70s/80s vibes in most of my favorite artists’ music and I cannot thank them enough for bringing these major feels back. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m obsessed with nostalgia at the moment. I’m imagining myself listening to this playlist while out in the open with some friends just hanging out in the warm season, not caring for anything in the world. Enjoy!


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I was in London a couple of weeks ago, and I dearly fell in love with the city. My sister and I were so blessed with the weather, which you obviously don’t get a lot in the UK, so, thank you Lord! Here is a mixture of pictures I took that have one or the other meaning. I must confess, I haven’t taken a lot of pictures but these are my faves. I took them with my iPhone and edited them with vscocam. Hope you enjoy!

Yours candidly, Ezzy.

P.S. stay tuned. More is about to come :)

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Under the clouds above LDN

The one airport where passengers run for their flights – Frankfurt Airport

Wheels on LDN bridge

Buckingham Palace aka my 2nd residence

Covent Garden and a cloud’s cameo

Regent Street

Picadilly Circus at 6am – crowdless

Spitalfields Market… and where I left my heart.

Ripped huaraches

Westminster Abbey

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Court Of Justice and a little bit of blue sky

Victoria Quarter, Leeds

Victoria Quarter, Leeds

St. Pancras International

East End Street Art


Hogwarts Express


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The last stop in our roadtrip was Barcelona, Spain. Man, a weekend was just too short. Be sure, I’ll be back in that city very soon. We had great food, a great place to live and great company. Black Madonna, it was a pleasure meeting you, thanks for praying for us. You guys, should make sure to visit Barcelona as well – it’s such a magical city.

Enjoy the glimpse of my family roadtrip right below.