For this year’s Family Mega Congress in Prague, I was thrilled that I got the task to look after this congress’ creatives. With that, I was allowed to produce a video after Kuya Cocoi’s idea and imagination. This was shown right before his session about ‘Brokenness’.

Every person on this Earth is made in God’s image and likeness. So, we are all different from the person next to us, different from our friends and even different from our families. Hence, the Lord sends us storms in our lives so we understand that our brokenness is the only way to be changed to become who God truly wants us to be. Without our brokenness, we would never know how to rely and fully trust the Lord with His plans for us. Only due to our brokenness, we are able to share the gifts that we have received from Him and be the light in each other’s lives.

Song: Josh Blakesly Band – Even in this