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some have been there, some are on their good way to it: going on mission. Since February is the infamous mission month amongst us mission volunteers, I just wanted to share with you what I pack for every mission I go to. Yes, over the months, I have accumulated must-haves and therefore want to introduce you to my ‘Mission-Kit’. Let’s jump right in. 




This weekend has again been a very spirit-filled one and I feel so grateful that I was part of this. I have so much love for the community in Zurich, for their fire in their hearts and their loving hospitality. I feel blessed that I was able to be part of the service team and to be a witness to the ZH-participants. We had super good food, super great company and super great quality and fellowship time.

This weekend has reminded me yet again, that we are never forsaken, that we are always loved and that His plans will prosper at His given time. For that may God be praised!

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Just a week ago, the YFL SHOUT activity ended in Ireland and I am still in awe about all the things that I was able to experience up north. It was my second mission outside Austria and I was super excited about going away to an english speaking country.

MISSION: SALZBURG – "Ohne Schmäh, ganz nett, ne"


Ever since the EYC’13 it was hard keeping up with the YFLs in Salzburg since everyone started getting busy with school, uni and work. However, Kennet and I managed to visit them for a weekend. It is always a great feeling to be in Salzburg. The fresh is air, the town of The Sound of Music is always beautiful and the people are just always welcoming. We never need to worry about starving because the Titas always serve the best food, and a lot of that. 
Besides the food miracle here, seeing how well the Youths grow here is amazing. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen them but they are still on fire. Despite all the obstacles and struggles they face, the never seize to keep their faith and see the Lord in each others eyes. They have a great bond and fellowship with each other just because they know who should be the center in their lives. I enjoy being here because I learn a lot from them as well. Missions are always great. They open your eyes to the most simple but most important things in your life. It is great hearing all their sharings and it is inspiring too because each one of them is so unique. I felt really humbled about a sister who I haven’t met before up until the Household who reached out to me because of her struggles. I think it’s a beautiful experience to just see the youths grow in trust with you. Of course, that challenges me to be accountable but with the outcome and the visions I have for this area, I am more than willing to continuously live a proper and exemplary life.



I am super excited for this upcoming event! And I am gladly supporting to spread the word of it! You will find all information under the picture or simply by visiting these sites:


Deadline for REGISTRATION is October 21, 2012.

Date of the ESLT 2012: November 2-4

Place of the event: VIENNA, Austria

Registration fee: 50 Euros

NOTE: The REGISTRATION is only OFFICIAL if sent to the official E-Mail adress european.slt@gmail.com by latest October 21, 2012

NOTE #2: Don’t forget to send us YOUR ITINERARY for the “Pick-up”-Service! :P – also to be sent to the E-Mail adress mentioned above!

So, BOOK THE FLIGHT/TRAINTICKET/BUS NOW! Now will be cheaper than any other day! Time is flying, let us seize the day!

(for other questions concerning the ESLT please do not hesitate to contact us!)

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I’ve been way too lazy on my posting nowadays and I apologize. Sometimes I just don’t have anything post-worthy to write but I hope it’s going to change now! Today is my first day back in University and I am very stoked. It’s my first class in Principles of International Law and I am quite excited about that. First and foremost because it’s held in English and I just miss my lessons in English and secondly because I am curious what stuff I am able to learn.

Other than that, my weekend was quite eventful. Work on Saturday (yes, Ezzy works now – what wonder!) and then a mission trip to Salzburg yesterday. I feel very grateful that I was able to work with a Service Team that was a mix of all Ministries and most of all, I was very happy to get to know new youths and just hang out with them. Thanks also to my Travelbuddy of the day, Kents, who helped out and made the youths feel super comfortable with us. Just how Father Dong Dong said, we all are curious what will happen with the young generation from today in 20 years.


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