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Hey you,

these past weeks have been somewhat busy and pretty tiring, therefore a short weekend getaway sounded more than appealing. Though getting out of the city was just a bonus, the actual reason of getting out of the busyness of life was Christopher West’s Theology of the Body-Talk. The event took place at a pilgrimage destination in Germany, a few kilometers away from Munich and Salzburg. Altötting, to my surprise, is a sacred place of the Black Madonna, i.e. Mama Mary, in Europe aside from the well-known places Monserrat and Lourdes.


“Altötting is a town in Bavaria, capital of the district Altötting. For 500 years it has been the scene of religious pilgrimages by Catholics in honor of Mary including a visit by Pope John Paul II in 1980 and Pope Benedict XVI in 2006.” Wikipedia




HOLA 🙈🎈💃🏻

Well, well, well… look who’s made it back! I apologise for being pretty much MIA the past year and for not being consistent with producing content. I had a lot on my plate last year that pretty dried up all my creativity and unfortunately also my drive to write. HOWEVER, I am back and will try my best to keep you posted about my life, my life realisations and my milestones that I want to keep and look back at in another seven years’ time (just as old as this blog). As far as the future of this blog is concerned, I’d really like to stay connected with you guys by writing about stuff that you’re interested in and you’d like to talk and discuss about – so if you have some ideas, just hit me up and let me know. But even more so, please don’t be weirded out when some of my content is a mix-match of all sorts of topics… I still do consider this blog as my scrapbook as well. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

I’m a tad bit late with this, but I wanted to start this year with a new concept to my blog. As you can see I played around with some graphics to keep this blog a bit more alive and of course, to get my creative juices going. In a nutshell, here are my travel highlights of the past year.


Thank you guys for your patience and thank you guys for your support. I really, really, really appreciate it. Stay tuned for some more!

Yours candidly,
Ezzy ♥


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I was in London a couple of weeks ago, and I dearly fell in love with the city. My sister and I were so blessed with the weather, which you obviously don’t get a lot in the UK, so, thank you Lord! Here is a mixture of pictures I took that have one or the other meaning. I must confess, I haven’t taken a lot of pictures but these are my faves. I took them with my iPhone and edited them with vscocam. Hope you enjoy!

Yours candidly, Ezzy.

P.S. stay tuned. More is about to come :)

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Under the clouds above LDN

The one airport where passengers run for their flights – Frankfurt Airport

Wheels on LDN bridge

Buckingham Palace aka my 2nd residence

Covent Garden and a cloud’s cameo

Regent Street

Picadilly Circus at 6am – crowdless

Spitalfields Market… and where I left my heart.

Ripped huaraches

Westminster Abbey

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Court Of Justice and a little bit of blue sky

Victoria Quarter, Leeds

Victoria Quarter, Leeds

St. Pancras International

East End Street Art


Hogwarts Express


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The last stop in our roadtrip was Barcelona, Spain. Man, a weekend was just too short. Be sure, I’ll be back in that city very soon. We had great food, a great place to live and great company. Black Madonna, it was a pleasure meeting you, thanks for praying for us. You guys, should make sure to visit Barcelona as well – it’s such a magical city.

Enjoy the glimpse of my family roadtrip right below.


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THAT WAS IT!!!! For everyone who know me, I am the ultimate Paramore Fan and that ever since I was 15. Since the band has never been back to Vienna ever since 2007, I’ve never quite gotten the chance to go and see them up until now. The waiting game of 2h in the cold and pouring rain was definitely worth it – thanks Lisa for putting up with it as well. I will never ever forget this experience witnessing this powerhouse vocalist and my idol. The reason why I’ve grown so fond of them is because their music is so relatable plus I appreciate Hayley’s talent so, so, so much. Besides all the musical aspect, I totally dig their spiritual life and their deep faith. The wait was worth it and my love for them has grown even more. I couldn’t thank God enough for giving me this opportunity. Hayley, you’ll always be my hero.

“I should be over all the butterflies, I’m into you” 

 photo SAM_8073_zps490eb720.jpg photo SAM_8074_zps02ba6cb0.jpg
 photo SAM_8076_zpse10a915e.jpg photo SAM_8080_zps159bed0b.jpg
 photo SAM_8082_zps8834b526.jpg photo SAM_8085_zps4cdb4cad.jpg
 photo SAM_8087_zps7fcc9736.jpg photo SAM_8089_zps99587a4c.jpg
 photo SAM_8094_zpsac35bdda.jpg photo SAM_8099_zps2cf2cd1d.jpg
 photo SAM_8100_zps5cd824b9.jpg photo SAM_8101_zpscbf32e08.jpg
 photo SAM_8109_zpscd609090.jpg photo SAM_8111_zps01f0b390.jpg
 photo SAM_8115_zps88330b0f.jpg photo SAM_8117_zps0eb4bbdf.jpg
 photo SAM_8102_zps457af1aa.jpg
 photo SAM_8129_zpscf8b7e83.jpg


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We were very lucky that we still caught this great event called ‘Viaduktnacht’. It was basically a night were all the stores in Viadukt offered some latenight shopping. It was great. Great people, great fashion and great designs. Then we also took a walk through the old town of Zurich and roamed a few stores, cute little stores. Great fun, great fun.
 photo SAM_6032_zps1b186789.jpg photo SAM_6031_zpsb743f79d.jpg
 photo SAM_6033_zps0abbfd98.jpg photo SAM_6035_zps33ed8824.jpg
 photo SAM_6052_zps445200d0.jpg photo SAM_6044_zpsf2ceb4c4.jpg
 photo SAM_6045_zps5c65b936.jpg photo SAM_6049_zpsb5c69b5a.jpg
 photo SAM_6051_zps230d5986.jpg photo SAM_6054_zpsfbb5dea7.jpg
 photo SAM_6075_zps303b5c8f.jpg photo SAM_6074_zps82088e09.jpg
 photo SAM_6077_zps5f9922e3.jpg photo SAM_6079_zps899c2d00.jpg
 photo SAM_6080_zps071501de.jpg photo SAM_6078_zps21609513.jpg
 photo SAM_6081_zps20b4b49d.jpg photo SAM_6083_zpsc60bd105.jpg
 photo SAM_6084_zps8f7bce19.jpg photo SAM_6090_zps04451f2c.jpg
 photo SAM_7029_zpse9df972f.jpg photo SAM_7030_zpsb8a004c1.jpg
 photo SAM_7045_zpsa7eb60b7.jpg photo SAM_7052_zpsdcb8c95d.jpg
 photo SAM_7053_zps147d1b76.jpg photo SAM_7054_zpsbed82d10.jpg
 photo SAM_7056_zpsb45e3f0f.jpg photo SAM_7057_zps2491aae0.jpg


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ZH has really grown on me. I’m so grateful that I’ve gotten to know a lot of new people. I really appreciate their hospitality, friendliness and their sense of humour. We pretty much had the best Hosts who really took their time to care for us. Special shoutout to the G’Sistuuuurz. We had great company, great food and lots of laughter. It’s been a great trip and I was so glad to be able to relax and just focus on enjoying the time outside of Austria. This last trip this year was totally worth it and I cannot wait for the next one. Here are some of the many highlights of the trip and more is still to come :)

 photo SAM_6025_zpsb7e94b0c.jpg photo SAM_6030_zps231c6dd3.jpg
 photo SAM_6041_zps0fa8ce59.jpg photo SAM_6042_zps251b520b.jpg
 photo SAM_6057_zpsdfcae1e5.jpg photo SAM_6059_zpsbdd47444.jpg
 photo SAM_6061_zps4a01f8c5.jpg photo SAM_6065_zps9d4d624f.jpg
 photo SAM_7026_zps53754285.jpg

 photo SAM_7036_zps05a78700.jpg
 photo SAM_7041_zpsdf035178.jpg photo SAM_7042_zpsfd12e1de.jpg
 photo SAM_7043_zps8afdbc6b.jpg photo SAM_7044_zpsd98e74c2.jpg
 photo SAM_7048_zps7ad869de.jpg photo SAM_7058_zps3a82ba9c.jpg
 photo SAM_7079_zps5fc72f00.jpg photo SAM_7085_zpsb7cda246.jpg
 photo SAM_7088_zps3c8b4909.jpg photo SAM_7096_zpsd15e10cf.jpg
 photo SAM_7093_zpsaf3bd91f.jpg photo SAM_7101_zpse4d32982.jpg
 photo SAM_7110_zpsf9ae11bc.jpg photo SAM_8020_zps7ecff38d.jpg
 photo SAM_8038_zpsf395f23b.jpg photo SAM_8032_zps47bd3ba1.jpg
 photo SAM_8043_zpsf25c0624.jpg photo SAM_8044_zpsa14c1e5d.jpg
 photo SAM_8048_zps85281132.jpg photo SAM_8049_zps826c394c.jpg
 photo SAM_8050_zps7b2cc293.jpg photo SAM_8065_zpsaba2acdd.jpg
 photo SAM_8067_zpse8e8af3a.jpg photo SAM_8068_zps8783dc0e.jpg
 photo SAM_8117_zps5fbb21a8.jpg photo SAM_8129_zps0ef1eba5.jpg
 photo SAM_9013_zps9ca74085.jpg photo SAM_9016_zps796f1bb5.jpg
 photo SAM_9018_zps65e31513.jpg photo SAM_9023_zpsddcb85e9.jpg
 photo SAM_9024_zpsd90e0bdf.jpg


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Day two in Zürich was beautiful. We were blessed with great, sunny and warm weather. Visited the University of Zürich and also roamed around the picturesque old town. Our last day in ZH ended in the park, chilling next to the Zurich Lake in the sun, next to loads of boomboxes blurting all kinds of music. Zürich, see you sooon :D Can’t believe it took me more than a year to travel again. Oh, how I missed it.

* “I graduated in Sweden” – see the hat
* Mandatory Cupcake visit
* First and last shopping spree before heading home: Sprüngli – Luxemburgerli
* Fell in love with the stores in Zürich
* Went home with three boxes of Luxemburgerli 

 photo IMG_6831_zpsf9313bac.jpg photo IMG_6832_zps65e0c486.jpg
 photo IMG_6834_zpsba5f67e4.jpg photo IMG_6833_zps37ed36b5.jpg
 photo IMG_6837_zpsdea0790c.jpg
 photo IMG_6839_zps708291fe.jpg
 photo IMG_6840_zps78f3b602.jpg
 photo IMG_6794_zps41af5668.jpg
 photo IMG_6800_zps64316c76.jpg
 photo IMG_6803_zps8d3b3b90.jpg
 photo IMG_6804_zps265b7b86.jpg
 photo IMG_6805_zps59b16502.jpg photo IMG_6806_zps7e5d0fa1.jpg
 photo IMG_6808_zps77092cb0.jpg photo IMG_6841_zpsf86ef4f4.jpg
 photo IMG_6810_zpscad5618d.jpg

 photo IMG_6842_zpsaa10b4aa.jpg

 photo IMG_6811_zpsb0b6abe2.jpg

 photo IMG_6815_zpsa0d31333.jpg

 photo IMG_6813_zps9d4182c0.jpg photo IMG_6814_zps26251195.jpg

 photo IMG_6820_zps8ce1a06c.jpg

 photo IMG_6822_zps2eb7a331.jpg

 photo IMG_6823_zps84358c3c.jpg

 photo IMG_6825_zps5f0d4baa.jpg
 photo IMG_6843_zpsd5ee136f.jpg